My AML journey

Hi everyone, I’m Angela, I’m married & have 5 children. My journey began in April 2013 with what everyone, including my GP thought was flu. I had been ill & bedbound for about 4 days & my hubby, Alan, was becoming increasingly worried, not only at the fact that I had typical flu like symptoms but I also had huge ulcers in my mouth & was unable to eat anything. Then just when we thought I couldn’t get any worse, along came my period, well we thought it was. I began loosing blood clots the size of a bag of sugar & I was unable to walk. Alan rang the out of hours GP & after many phone calls they agreed to come to the house. A doctor came out & instantly thought I was having a miscarriage… possible way we kept saying. The GP eventually rang for an ambulance & that’s where my life changed.
Once admitted to hospital all the usual tests were done & I was given a drip as I was very dehydrated. I tried to sleep that night but the nursing team were checking on me every 2 hours so it was a bit impossible. The next afternoon a consultant came to see me & told me I had Leukaemia. I think I actually stopped breathing momentarily. Her words were jumbled & I didn’t take anything in. She kept asking if I had any questions but my mind was blank. I was in total shock. She asked me if I wanted her to tell my family but I refused, I wanted to be the one to break it to Alan. I rang Alan while the consultant was there & he cracked, broke down. I hadn’t even shed a tear yet, it still hadn’t sunk in. The nurses moved me to a private room & all my family were allowed to come. Little did I know that that would be the last time I would see the 3 youngest of my children for about 9 weeks.